5 Operations Every Cloud Architect Should Automate

published28 days ago
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The cloud offers many benefits to a company’s modern application development process. One of the most significant benefits is the ability to automate critical actions that traditionally have required manual steps.

Automation is perhaps the single most significant advantage of using the cloud. Cloud architects thrive in their roles by taking advantage of automation wherever feasible.

Here is a list of five operations that all cloud architects should automate:

  1. Scaling
  2. Server provisioning
  3. Infrastructure creation
  4. Code deployment
  5. Native cloud services

If you are interested in learning the details behind these five operations, head on over to my article on InfoWorld which talks about it.

5 operations every cloud architect should automate

Automation is one of the defining characteristics of the cloud. It’s one of the elements that distinguishes the cloud from the traditional data center. Of course you can run your application in the cloud without taking advantage of automation, and many do, but they’re missing out. Because automation is the path to greater consistency, reliability, security, scalability, and responsiveness to the needs of your business.

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