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publishedover 1 year ago
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​I'm happy to report that in addition to my blog and InfoWorld column, I am now a freelance writer for Diginomica.

I'm not new to Diginomica, I've posted a dozen articles with them in my past life. But I'm back and hope to publish many more articles to come.

And to start out, let's talk about permissions. After all, cloud security is always an easy place to start, right? Right? RIGHT????

Certainly, serious security breaches are a big deal, and they occur more often than they should. Often, when they do occur, they are a result of compromised credentials or failed permissions management.

So, to that end, let me present three principles that can guide you and your organization to keep your modern applications safe and secure.

I hope you enjoy! And stay tuned for more Diginomica articles in the future!​

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