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Well, there ya go.

An interesting trend has started to occur in the world of cloud computing. Non-cloud native technologies are growing in popularity and cloud native technologies are decreasing in popularity.

Namely, Kubernetes is growing in popularity, and serverless computing is decreasing.

That’s right, serverless computing is decreasing in popularity.

Even as Jeff Bezos actually physically visits the clouds he’s created, his Amazon Web Service’s pride and joy, AWS Lambda, has started to show signs of following the roller coaster of the Gartner Hype Cycle off of the Peak of Inflated Expectations and down into the Trough of Disillusionment.

You see, engineers are starting to figure out that serverless computation offered by cloud services like AWS Lambda may be useful, but they do not and never did remove the necessity of traditional server-based computation.

Much to the dismay of many customers I’ve talked to, serverless computation doesn’t solve all of your woes. It’s great for what it’s good at, but don’t try and use it for everything. Unless you like overly complex applications, indeterministic performance, and surprising usage bills, you don’t want to replace all of your traditional server-based computation with serverless computation.

So, who says that serverless computation is falling and Kubernetes is rising? Who is saying that a non-cloud native technology is growing while a cloud native technology is decreasing?

None other than the Cloud Native Computing Foundation itself. You can read all about their new “State of Cloud Native Development” report in my latest blog post.

Have a look! Then dust off that EC2 instance once again. You’ll be needing it...​

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