New! Basics of Cloud Security Email Course

published3 months ago
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How do you keep your private data safe in the public cloud? Is it even possible? In fact, your data and your application is likely safer in the public cloud than in your own private data center. This course will show you, at a high level, the guiding principles and policies you need to understand to keep your cloud-based and cloud-native application safe and secure.

This course is designed for technical executives, managers, and leaders that want to understand, at a high level, how to build a safe and secure cloud application. It’s also for cloud architects and senior developers that want to understand how to communicate basic cloud security principles to your company’s executives and leaders.

This is an email course. It is delivered as a series of emails, one lesson per email, one email per day until the course is complete.

Available exclusively at Atchison Academy.

For my followers, I have a special, limited time price for the course. For the launch, the price for this email course is only $79.

Or click here to learn more about the course.

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